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     Incorporated 1972                   NRA Affiliated G8116

     The Northeast Arms Collectors Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the renewal, promotion, and preservation of our nations right to bear arms.  Our interests include antique firearms, swords, bayonets, uniforms, and all militaria related accoutrements from flintlocks to modern military and sporting arms.
        To maintain such public interests, our organization holds monthly meetings and hosts four (4) gun shows each year.
        Our membership is open to all law abiding, interested individuals who profess our common interests.  Our activities must conform to all federal, state, and local firearms regulations.  Membership with the National Rifle Association is strongly recommended.
        Interested?  Why not visit us at our monthly meeting?  Can't make it, visit us at this website for
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North Eastern Arms Collectors Association, Inc.

PO Box 185

Amityville, NY 11701